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Practice Areas


Nationwide Regulatory Certification for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, Interexchange Carriers, Prepaid, and Alternate Operator Service Providers.

Tariff Development

Miller Isar, Inc. provides a complete tariff maintenance program, including tariff development, submission, and approval tracking, to ensure that client tariffs are always accurate, current and timely filed.

Interconnection Agreements

Miller Isar, Inc. assists clients in choosing and executing an Interconnection Agreement which best suits the needs of their business. Should the client choose to negotiate a new agreement, our consultants will coordinate with the attorneys to ensure that both the business and legal needs of the client are met.

Regulatory Compliance

Miller Isar’s Compliance Practice is designed to ensure that clients secure initial regulatory operating authority and that their ongoing operations remain in compliance with applicable regulatory and reporting requirements at a cost effective fee. Miller Isar can design a comprehensive client compliance program practice tailored to each client’s unique requirements and needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Miller Isar, Inc. assists clients in obtaining the required regulatory authority associated with mergers, acquisitions, and asset transfers at the state and federal level. Additionally, Miller Isar aids clients in complying with related operational requirements, including customer notifications, interconnection agreements and code assignments.

Public Policy Advocacy and Messaging

As regulatory agencies constantly consider new and existing policies and rules which impact regulated companies, it becomes critical for those companies to ensure that their interests are fully represented in shaping the issue and debate. Miller Isar, Inc., in conjunction with its network of state and federal counsel, works with clients to develop a cost-effective regulatory policy strategy and client messaging to regulators and legislators. Miller Isar, Inc. is engaged in all phases of public policy efforts, from initial proceeding intervention, to advocacy on behalf of clients on issues of interest.

Issue and Compliance Monitoring

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing regulatory environment, it is imperative for companies to stay on top of the regulatory scene. To help companies remain informed of changes in regulation and the industry, and as a supplement to Miller Isar, Inc.’s comprehensive compliance practice, the firm offers a variety of valuable information resources covering breaking industry news, the latest in regulation and regulatory action, and foresighted considerations of what may be just over the horizon. Miller Isar’s monitoring services include a daily overview of industry and regulatory news, timely compliance advisories which focus on specific regulatory compliance action nationwide, and issue as well as jurisdiction specific monitoring services tailored to individual client interests and needs.

General Consultation and Strategic Planning

Once informed of the changing regulatory policy, companies often struggle with the challenge of implementing new rules and obligations. Miller Isar’s Business Practice is designed to help clients not only understand the new policies, but to assist in their implementation in day-to-day operations. Our goal is to create operational efficiencies that maximize profits, while meeting regulatory obligations.

State and Municipal Relations

Beyond regulatory operating authority, numerous state and local requirements govern company operations. Miller Isar’s State and Municpal Relations Practice has been designed to provide non-legal representation to clients before municipalities, local boards and commissions, while guiding clients through the myriad of state and municipal regulatory requirements necessary to transact business in each jurisdiction.

The State and Municipal Relations Practice provides clients with a resource for preparation and filing of required state and municipal documents, Secretary of State filings and municipal (city and county) registration and licensing. Further, Miller Isar, Inc. assists clients with ongoing jurisdictional filing and reporting requirements, preparation and filing telecommunications-specific documentation including E-911-related documents and state and local registration with governmental entities. Miller Isar, Inc. also provides assistance with

– Review of state, municipal and local ordinances.

– Research of tax and surcharge rates and requirements.

– Research state, municipal and local licensing requirements.

– Oral and written advocacy on state and local matters.