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In-Depth Regulatory Experience

    • In Depth Regulatory Experience

      Miller Isar’s professional consultants posess the extensive legal, industry, and regulatory backgrounds necessary to effectively meet clients’ regulatory objectives.

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    • Regulatory Reviews, Reports, Studies, and White Papers

      Miller Isar brings clients up to date information on important regulatory matters.
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      (253) 851-6700
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Founded in 1991, Miller Isar, Inc. is one of the nation’s oldest regulatory consulting firms, specializing in the communications and relay services industries. Miller Isar focuses its practice on all aspects of:

· Regulatory Compliance;
· Public Policy research and advocacy;
· Regulatory compliance research and planning; and
· Business Practices and operations compliance implementation consultation.

By specializing in regulatory compliance consulting as a key element to business strategy, Miller Isar offers clients solid, holistic regulatory compliance and business strategic consultation.

Professional Trusted Advisors

For more information about how Miller Isar, Inc. can serve you, contact us at 253.851.6700
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Strategic Compliance

Miller Isar, Inc. provides a wide spectrum of strategic compliance consultation and support specifically designed to achieve commercial success.
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Up To Date

Miller Isar brings clients up to date information on important regulatory matters. Download our latest Regulatory Review.